Motorcycle table

  • Model for city type "Scooter" motorcycles and for larger road motorcycles.
  • Intended for the professional market.
  • The only model with free front and rear wheel function.
  • Attractive design and fully equipped as standard.
  • Professional hydraulic operation, and mechanical safety systems.

Hydraulic motorcycle table lift

The motorcycle table for discerning professionals in motorcycle repair. 

Seek comfort, speed and productivity in your work.

  • Hydraulic motorcycle table with capacity for 750 kg.
  • Ideal for all types of motorcycles.
  • AUTOMATIC mechanical safety devices with hydraulic operation
  • Locking system at different heights.
  • Front and rear folding trays, to keep front and rear wheels free.
  • Includes manual clamp.
  • Mobile console for electric controls and sliding hydraulic unit.


  • CE guarantee
  • Robustness, reliability and simplicity of CASCOS products


  • Versatility and reduced space.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.


  • Hydraulic and mechanical safety.
  • CE safety standards, certified by Bureau Veritas and TÜV.

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