Parking lifts 2x1

  • ¡Manufactured for more than 30 years!
  • The same advantages as a 2 post lift.
  • Doubles the possibilities of the space, can be customised.
  • Ideal for private and shared parking areas, public garages, factories, chalets, central areas of offices…
  • Available for installation as a single-phase and three-phase version.

Parking lifts 2x1

  • With a large platform that fully covers the perimeter to raise.
  • This design prevents dripping and annoying leaks onto the car stored underneath.
  • Three phase and single phase versions.
  • Professional or private use.
  • We can customise installations to suit your needs.


  • ¡Manufactured continually for more than 40 years!
  • The same advantages as a 2 post


  • Versatility and reduced space.
  • Ideal for private or shared parking areas, shopping malls, etc... Companies that need to increase their parking capacity
  • Doubles the parking capacity in companies, residential areas and terraced and detached houses.
  • ¡We will double the capacity of your garage!
  • Solves parking problems.


  • CE safety standards, certified by Bureau Veritas and TÜV.
  • Mechanical safety systems that guarantee comprehensive safety.

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