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European regulation EN 1493:2010 and the directive 2006/42/EC

Through the European Garage Equipment Association  EGEA and of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Equipment for Automotion AFIBA, Cascos Maquinaria would like to remind their customers and distributors of the current European standards and directives for their vehicle lifts and related services.

The current European regulation EN 1493:2010 and the Directive  2006/42/EC establish the minimum requirements for the design, material quality, manufacturing processes, safe and efficient operation and the maintenance and management of machinery for vehicle garages with minimum, controlled risk for staff.

The manufacturers of garage lifts and machinery that comply with this regulation supply every lift with a copy of the valid declaration of conformity that states that the product meets these requirements and this is included in the instruction, revision and maintenance books.

This document is compulsory for all lifting machines and equipment manufactured and distributed with the CE Certificate in the Member States of the EU, harmonising throughout Europe theminimum quality and standardisation in the construction and testing of the quality processes in garage machinery. 

Cascos Maquinaria, S.A. as a European manufacturer and distributor of vehicle lifts meets the minimum requirements and standardisation indicated in the manufacture directive and safety rules and, in addition, has technical and after-sales service staff  who are highly trained, up to date and qualified, and ongoing training for customers and distributors.

The safety, confidence and reassurance that the brand'Cascos' provides as a European manufacturer of lifting machinery for garages, enables us to guarantee the quality and current standards thanks to their protocols for monitoring, revisions and periodical maintenance that also enable them to offer extended guarantee periods as standard.

Thanks to the Directive 2006/42/EC for manufacturers and distributors and the safety standards EN 1493:2010, the whole market in general benefits, in particular the professional and specialised sector.