Double scissor lifts: 3 Tn EVO II [13164/44731] for inground assembly

Mod. EVO II Encastrado - Ref. 13164/44731
Net weightNet weightCurrent and<br>voltagesCurrent and
Motor KwMotor KwMinimum<br>heightMinimum
3,000 kg800 kg400/230V - 3PH.
Three phase
3 kW0 mm1,910 mm1,950 x 650 mm
  • Lift that is very much in demand for visual inspections, tyre changes, MOTs, alignment, mechanical, body and paint work …
  • Very robust lift, manufactured based on a solid tread.
  • Hydraulic system with 4 cylinders (2 master + 2 slave).
  • Cylinders manufactured andtested individually in our factory. Hydraulic
  • safety (does  not require compressed air).
  • Automatic button-operated bleeding. 
  • Access ramps that act as an extension of the runway, lengthening it up to 1,986 mm .
  • reversible in the direction of the load.


Our advantages: Watch video


  • Fully reversible lifts in the direction of the load.
  • They optimise the space available in the garage.
  • Reversibility

Minimum height for double scissor lifts

  • The minimum height of 105 mm of the EVO onground range is ideal for sports or low profile vehicles.
  • Minimum height of EVOs


  • Very robust structure and base, manufactured based on "solid tread".
  • Solidity

Quality and safety of the hydraulic system (double scissor lifts)

  • Cylinders manufactured and checked one by one in our factory. Five-year guarantee for the hydraulic system (consult conditions).
  • Double hydraulic system with 4 cylinders crosswise (2 master + 2 slave, independent).
  • Our EVO range does not require compressed air.
  • Hydraulic system
  • 5-year guarantee of the hydraulic system

Simplified electric system

  • Simplified and reliable electric system that does not required circuit boards.
  • Simple and reliable electric system

Automatic bleeding

  • Automatic bleeding with a button on the console.

Runway extensions

  • Sliding extension integrated in the runway (EVO II and DT 3600 EXT).
  • Mobile access ramps that act as extensions (EVO III R).
  • They increase the length of the runway to adapt to different vehicle lengths.
  • Extensions
  • Extendible ramps

ISO 9001 quality certifications and IQNet

In addition to manufacturing with the highest quality standards ISO 9001 since 1999, our lifts are standardised by the most prestigious certification bodies: Aenor, IQnet, Bureau Veritas and TüV Nord. 

  • RWTUV Germany ISO-9001
  • ISO 9001 registered company

European regulation EN 1493:2010 and the directive 2006/42/EC

Our lifts exceed the standardisation requirements  in design quality, materials, manufacturing processes, maintenance and optimum, safe and controlled operation of the lift.

Each of our lifts includes an identifier of the valid  EC declaration of conformity that states that the product complies with the essential European standards and requirements in health and safety in conjunction with its instruction, revision and recommended maintenance books.

  • CE regulated lifts

Manufacturer endorsement

The main automobile manufacturers have endorsed Cascos lifts and placed their trust in them for their factories and networks of dealers.

  • Renault
  • Dacia
  • Nissan
  • Peugeot
  • Citröen
  • Mercedes - Factory in Vitoria, Spain