2 post lifts: 4 Tn. C4 with solid base (4 triple arms) [13194]

    Mod. C4 con base - Ref. 13194
    Net weightNet weightCurrent and<br>voltagesCurrent and
    Motor KwMotor KwMinimum<br>heightMinimum
    Seconds<br>to raiseSeconds
    to raise
    Type<br>of armsType
    of arms
    4,000 kg800 kg400/230V - 3PH.
    Three phase
    3.7 kW130 mm1,970 mm45"4 Triple
    Width<br>between postsWidth
    between posts
    2,700 mm

    4 Tn with solid base three phase electromechanical symmetrical triple arm extension

    Provides all the advantages of a Cascos 2 post lift:

    • solidity, reliability and durability.
    • Versatility for mechanical and bodywork tasks.
    • Ample working space between posts.
    • Reversibility: Cascos lifts make it possible to lift the vehicle in both directions, facilitating use in garages with less space.
    • Minimum maintenance.
    • Part no.: extensive availability of low cost spare parts that are supplied quickly.
    • Accessories: wide variety of accessories for greater user comfort and work with special vehicles.

    Lift designed for vans of up to 4 Tn, ideal for everyday work with small and medium sized vans. It is designed to work with the play of these tonnages.

    Although it is a lift for vans, consult your distributor for accessories to enable work with medium and large cars.

    Our advantages:

    Posts / SlenderTec

    Our SlenderTec profiles, specially designed and hot-rolled, enable us to build lifts with narrow posts that are more resistant to torsion and flexion than other lifts made with folded sheet metal and similar materials.

    The SlenderTec technology makes our posts impossible to deform, always looking like they did on the first day.

    • Profiles / SlenderTec
    • SlenderTec logo jpg
    • SlenderTec profile vs sheet metal

    Working width

    Thanks to our high resistance SlenderTec post, our lifts provide  the largest working distance between posts from 2,700 mm to 3,000 mm. occupying as little space as possible in your garage.

    This large interior space also provides comfort while working, with optimum door opening for getting into and out of the vehicle.

    • width 2700 arrows
    • door opening

    Wide range of arms

    • At Cascos, we provide a wide variety of arms for our lifts. It is possible to choose between symmetrical (4 arms the same, double or triple), or asymmetrical (2 double arms + 2 triple arms) lifts.
    • We have low profile arms that enable vehicles to be lifted from a minimum distance from the ground (from 84 mm).
    • Wide range of arms (low profile)
    • Arm C-5.5 Low profile


    The ample space between posts, thanks to the SlenderTec profiles, makes it possible to use symmetrical arms (double or triple) that, unlike asymmetrical arms, allow vehicles to be lifted in both engine position directions, without hindering door opening, and ensuring the vehicle is perfectly balanced.

    This lift is fully reversible, so it can be adapted to any space and task to be performed, regardless of its proximity to an energy source, light or possible architectural barriers.

    • Reversibility



    Our lift is designed to withstand the maximum load at any angle of the load or length or extension of the arms.

    In addition, our arms have safety systems with threaded rods, that provide greater positioning possibilities under the vehicle, facilitating the placement at the fixing point.

    • arm angle
    • arm extension
    • threaded rod
    • Safe positions of arms
    • Travel path of arms


    The diameter of our spindle is 45 mm, the largest on the market. This dimension causes less friction and, therefore, less wear of "nut-spindle" assembly.

    Our spindles are cold-rolled not cut. This process accredits their higher quality and useful life than those of other manufacturers. The spindles are checked one by one before assembly.

    In addition, they are suspended by gravity and do not rest on anything, and are thus perfectly centred.

    • Spindle
    • diameter 45 mm


    The carriages are equipped with four high quality steel bearings, reinforced with Nylatron pads for better guidance and less wear than Nylon guides.

    • Carriages
    • Bearings

    Exclusive details

    All our lifts come equipped with some exclusive details:

    • 4 tool trays.
    • Rubber guards on posts for opening doors.
    • Protection of the spindle that prevents the operator getting dirty by touching the column.
    • Tool trays
    • Rubber guards on posts for opening doors
    • Our safety devices for the arms, with threaded rods, provide greater possibilities for positioning the arms under the vehicle.
    • Protection of the spindle that prevents the operator getting dirty by touching the column


    Our lifts are designed to be leaders in reliability. For this purpose our R&D+i department seeks maximum simplicity and robustness in its designs, from both electrical and mechanical perspectives.

    For CASCOS, technology must aid reliability, developing  ingenious designs that reduce the risk of breakdowns, but that also facilitate  quick repairs.


    The nuts are specially designed to be long-lasting and are manufactured from high quality materials: RG7 bronze and Nylatron.

    Thanks to our spindles with the largest diameter on the market (45 mm), the nut suffers less wear and less friction and is therefore more durable and needs less greasing.

    • Nuts
    • spindle diam. 45 mm
    • Work & safety nut inside column

    Lift more vehicles with your Cascos lift

    • Our wide range of spindles, wedges and brackets available both as standard (fitted in the factory) or as optional extras allow you to increase the versatility of our lifts so that your garage can work with more types of vehicles.
    • We will advise you at the time of purchase to help you choose the ones that best meet your needs.
    • If you already have a Cascos 2 post lift and you want to work with more types of vehicles, you can consult our optional spindles, wedges and brackets or contact your usual distributor.
    • Advantage of spindles, brackets and wedges

    ISO 9001 quality certifications and IQNet

    In addition to manufacturing with the highest quality standards ISO 9001 since 1999, our lifts are standardised by the most prestigious certification bodies: Aenor, IQnet, Bureau Veritas and TüV Nord. 

    • RWTUV Germany ISO-9001
    • ISO 9001 registered company

    European regulation EN 1493:2010 and the directive 2006/42/EC

    Our lifts exceed the standardisation requirements  in design quality, materials, manufacturing processes, maintenance and optimum, safe and controlled operation of the lift.

    Each of our lifts includes an identifier of the valid  EC declaration of conformity that states that the product complies with the essential European standards and requirements in health and safety in conjunction with its instruction, revision and recommended maintenance books.

    • CE regulated lifts

    Manufacturer endorsement

    The main automobile manufacturers have endorsed Cascos lifts and placed their trust in them for their factories and networks of dealers.

    • Renault
    • Dacia
    • Nissan
    • Peugeot
    • Citröen
    • Mercedes - Factory in Vitoria, Spain


    Cascos collaborates on projects with internationally recognised manufacturers and organisations, which demonstrates their confidence in our lifts.

    • United Nations
    • Bentley
    • Volkswagen
    • Audi